I think I’m getting paranoid in my old age…

Today, when Boy and I were coming home, I noticed a car follow us into the neighborhood. (Because I’m a paranoid freak ever since my stalker tried to kill me.)

Anyway, I noticed this car, and its rather large, sort of scary occupants. It made every turn I made, which is really freaking strange as our neighborhood is a serious maze, and getting to my street requires either a map or a Sherpa… and then it followed me down my street. Rather than stop at the house where there were not witnesses, I kept going around the curve, and took a couple of weird turns and it was still following, so I left the neighborhood and drove into the fire station on the same block.

One of the local cops there followed me home, just to make sure nothing was wrong…but I’ve been kinda spooked ever since. I made the dog stay inside until Man got home because frankly, a 90 pound Chow is a pretty good first line of defense.

I’m probably too paranoid for my own good.

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