It’s all fun until someone put vipers in the ball pit…

It’s busy, busy, busy here today. Ton of EO sample orders…all out of nowhere…very strange, but Yay! Also some custom soaps and some formulations to help a friend’s baby who has excema. (Poor little angel!)

The weekend was a blast. Met up with bookpixie, her husband and her adorable children on Saturday. We had a quick dinner and play time here, then dressed the kids up and headed off to the Rockwall Halloween Festival. There were a ton of people there, many more than expected, but the lines for the games moved pretty quick, and my son has fallen in love with bounce houses. Especially bounce houses that have slides. Slides that terminate in a giant pit filled with balls. He did that slide over and over again. Then he went on the really high bouncy slide, which surprised me, as it looked very high from the ground, but he scooted right up it and giggled all the way down.

Once the boys got to the “I’m so tired I think I’ll start crying” stage, we all headed home, where I fed everyone my latest recipe: pumpkin cheesecake. Oh. My. God. It’s so good. So very good. However, note to self…when one doubles a cheesecake recipe, it will make a lot, A LOT, of cheesecake.

So, the quest began to find someplace that had pit o’ balls for Boy’s bday next month. And nobody I’ve called has them. WTH? Apparently, they were an insurance nightmare. Kids suffocating, people putting broken glass and rumor has it, snakes, in the pits…I dunno. It all sounds a little hyper-hysterical to me. I mean, I agree that children shouldn’t play with Bag of Broken Glass TM, but Pit o’ Cushy Balls is too dangerous? Really?

Man, in my day, we had to throw ourselves into the swamp and avoid the alligators if we wanted to dive into something….and now foam balls are too dangerous? Sheesh. Kids today…

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