Monthly Archives: November 2007

Looks like I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue….

So, my mother is almost here…she’ll be arriving tomorrow or Friday. We’ve already tiffed via phone about things she and Boy are allowed to do if I’m not there…or even if I am. She’s an arthritic short fat lady in her 60’s, and my father is shaped like Santa…they are not taking the Boy on […]

As the world burns

As the world burns: scientists project earth will warm at least three times as fast as previously believed – From 60 Second Science The International Panel on Climate Change, the United Nations body tasked with sussing out the severity of forthcoming climate change, has predicted that the Earth will warm 1-4 degrees C by 2100. […]

United Healthcare/Medco – Absolutely The Suck

I cannot even begin to describe how angry I am at our new insurance company. First, they won’t honor existing prescriptions, they all have to be rewritten. So…fine, I get my doctor to rewrite my scrips. Then they tell me I have to do mail order. Fine. Then they say the prescriptions won’t be honored […]

I so want a framed copy of this xkcd

From xkcd: l337: Part 1

MySpace, msplinks, and you

MySpace, in all their idiotic Foxy glory, has decided to run every outgoing link through, a redirecting agency that they own. Now, the logic of their decision, is that they’re trying to cut down on comment spam…although these redirects also apply to any urls you may have in your profile. So, for example, instead […]