It’s good to be 39…again

Hee, Boy woke me up by singing Happy Birthday, and then gave me fuzzy socks. I LOVE fuzzy socks. I’m like the Imelda of socks…I just can’t resist them. :) And so today, as I reflect on a life mostly well spent…you know, if we don’t count a few years here and there, I’d like to say that I’ve decided that I shall never grow older than 39, and as such, if all of my friends could also stop aging, that would be fabulous. I know that I’ve known some of you for over 20 years, and at some point, we’ll have known each other longer than the age I’m admitting to…so, some day, when we’re all white haired and wrinkly, and shaking our sticks at the kids in our yard…then we can all admit to the dread 40…but until then, if y’all could back me up on this whole 39 thing, I’d consider it a personal favor. ;)

And now, for the LOLCAT:
End of “I can has birfday caik!”

Halloween was great fun, a couple different sets of friends brought their kidlets (See Bookpixie’s journal for some adorable pictures of our Boys in their Star Wars costumes. How adorable is Yoda? I swear, that child is my favorite (not my) baby. :)

Boy had a bit of a girl problem when both of his princesses wanted him to walk with them, so the Men ended up herding a big ol batch of kids. I dressed up in a silly pseudo scary spiderlady (not comic book…I mean I had spiders glued on and whatnot) costume and handed out about 15 pounds of candy. I saved a bag of milky ways though. I mean, I’m not stupid, PMS is just around the corner. ;)

It was a great night. So, I tried some of the Target Archer Farms appetizers…and they were really good. The brie en croute was absolutely worth the money. That’s a pain in the ass to make, and this was almost as good. The orange and marscapone tarts were a huge hit and my homemade spinach pies disappeared faster than expected. Even the kids liked them. But then, what’s not to love with spinach, cheese, spices and flaky dough? Yum. I’m having the 3 that are left for lunch today. :)

All in all, great Halloween.

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