Born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia, King Tut

Those of you in Dallas may have heard, or perhaps you haven’t…but the King Tut exhibit is coming to Dallas in October of 2008. Tickets for regular people haven’t gone on sale, but group tickets have. The exhibit will probably sell out fairly quickly, if ticket sales in other cities are any indication.

So, I was thinking that surely I knew at least 7 other people who would want to go to the exhibit. If we can gather a group of at least ten, then we can get a group rate and make a booking. (I dunno if we can reserve a specific time, or date, or how it works for an exhibit that will sell out almost as soon as the tickets go on sale.)

When I was a kid and this exhibit toured last time, we drove for hours to go see it. I really want to see everything they’ve added, and to see if it really is as earth shatteringly amazing as I remember it being.

So, who wants to go see King Tut in a group? Let’s get a head count, and see what we can figure out. :)

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