Mineral makeup, and the formulations thereof

So, I decided that mineral makeup was crazy expensive, given that I probably had most of the ingredients already in the studio. Some of the brands out there are selling for near $100 a gram. That’s like 80’s drug prices…what are they thinking?

So, I needed to order some oxides which I didn’t have, and I got a few that just looked too cool not to own, and have been playing for the last couple of days trying to make mineral makeup. I’m pretty sure I’ve succeeded.

Well, by succeeded, I mean I’ve created a makeup that’s the right color for *me*…but considering how olive I am, it’s probably way too dark or way too light for most of my friends. However, I’ve gotten some test bunnies…er…friends…who are willing to come over and let me experiment on them. Hooray for brave friends. :)

On the development list still are blushes and eye shadows. I dunno if I’m going to offer mineral makeup as a product line or not. I’m still researching the various FDA requirements…and the FDA, like all 3-initial organizations, writes documents in a language not normally spoken outside of the hushed halls of bureaucracy. There’s a reason that every cosmetic company in the world has a team of $500 an hour attorneys…it’s because of the FDA. Swear to god. I also need to look at whether or not my insurance covers a cosmetic line. So…that’s on the list of things to do.

But now, I’m on day two of a headache that would kill most mortals, so I think I’m going to put on some Brahms and hide in a dark closet until it’s time to go get Boy.

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