Update on King Tut

Just got off the phone with the group sales people. Tickets for groups are:

Weekday (M-Thurs 8a to 8p) $24.00 per person
Weekend: (F,S,Su) $32.00 per person

Kids 5 and under are free.

Plus taxes and all that other goods stuff. Just FYI. Still pulling a headcount together, but I’d probably vote for a weekend, so those with kids don’t have to pull the kids out of school…although, this is a damn fine reason to do so. ;)

I’m going to buy at least 10 tickets, probably for the weekend, just to guarantee that we *have* tickets. But, I need a total headcount if we’re going to go over 10. (I’m sure we can…I’ve got 4 of 10 already reserved, so that leaves 6 of 10 available…and we can always buy more.)

Edit to say: I’m a dope. When I first read the KingTut site, I thought it was only going to be in town for 7 *weeks*, it’s actually going to be here for about 7 *months*. Which does reduce some of the urgency, really….

Anyway, If you want a weekend ticket at the group rate, and want to go hang with the rest of us loonies, then tag me here, and confirm that you’re in.

I guess we should figure out what MONTH we want to go. ;) I say October or November, that way, if anyone wants to see it again, they might still be able to get individual tix.

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