Monthly Archives: January 2008

Sumatran Caviar, or Fun with Chemistry

What’s in the soap pot today?

Today I’m batching Spiced Orange Tea soap. It’s an organic green tea based soap, infused with 5 fold California orange essential oil, Egyptian clove oil, and a generous addition of ground fresh spices for exfoliation. This is one of my fave soaps to make. (And use. There’s always a bar of this in my shower.) […]

Molecular Gastronomy and Me

I’m so excited. I just placed my order for some sodium alginate and some calcium chloride. Yes my precious, Kona Caviar will soon be created. Mwhahahahahahahahaha! I love the whole field of molecular gastronomy. I get to play Mad Scientist and Master Chef all at the same time. Hooray! My sister/bestest friend type person is […]

Friday News Round Up

Vere are your papers, citizen? Department of Homeland security says “All you whippersnappers! We don’t trust a damn one of you!”

Workin in the soap mines….

Today I’m batching Tea Hee. It’s a green tea based soap with the essential oils of Bulgarian wild harvest Lavender, American organic Patchouli, and Egyptian organic Geranium. It’s a surprisingly great smell, even for people that run and hide from patchouli normally. If there’s time, I’m going to try and batch some Pirate Bay into […]