Molecular Gastronomy and Me

I’m so excited. I just placed my order for some sodium alginate and some calcium chloride. Yes my precious, Kona Caviar will soon be created.


I love the whole field of molecular gastronomy. I get to play Mad Scientist and Master Chef all at the same time. Hooray!

My sister/bestest friend type person is coming up next month, and I’m going to throw her a little dinner party with some old friends she hasn’t seen in a while. I’m still working on the main menu, but I know for dessert I’ll be making Raspberry Blinis with Cognac Chantilly Foam and Coffee Caviar. Yum! And yay for making the kitchen a laboratory. Whee!

I can’t decide if I want to geek out and go all Wylie Dufresne about the place and do the entire menu in deconstruction and molecular gastronomy or if I should recognize that cooking for 8 or 10 while managing a preschooler may not be the right time to try an entirely new menu.

Perhaps I’ll do a little amuse-bouche of ravioli. I’ll already have the calcium bath ready, so all of the prep would be ingredient prep, and I can make the puree the day before. Hmmm….

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