What’s in the soap pot today?

Today I’m batching Spiced Orange Tea soap. It’s an organic green tea based soap, infused with 5 fold California orange essential oil, Egyptian clove oil, and a generous addition of ground fresh spices for exfoliation. This is one of my fave soaps to make. (And use. There’s always a bar of this in my shower.) It’s one of the soaps that I let cure in the public areas because it makes the place smell so amazingly good.

In other news, I had to take our puppy back to the pound to be spayed. I don’t know why they won’t let me use my vet, but they won’t. You have to take adopted animals back there. Poor Bugaboo did not want to get out of the truck. She kept giving me this look like “I’m sorry I chewed your bed, sat on your cat and pooped on the carpet! I’ll be good, please don’t leave me here!” Heartbreaking. But then, I’m a big ol softy. I can go get her after I pick up Boy from school. It was insane getting there this morning. There was some accident that shut down all 6 lanes of the main road through town. There were helicopters, 3 fire trucks, a gross of cop cars…it was crazy. I really hope that whomever was involved is ok.

So anyway, back to the soap pot. I hope everyone’s day goes smoothly!

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