Monthly Archives: February 2008

What in the hell was I thinking?

Ok, next time I say I’m going to do some major plumbing thing, I want someone, somewhere to tie me to something until the urge passes. Jebus onna stick. I’ve got my entire kitchen in total disarray, I’ve smacked my head so hard on the garbage disposal twice that I saw stars and raised a […]

Moon, moon, moon. Moon? Hello….Moon?

Tonight is a full lunar eclipse, visible in most of North and South America today and most of Africa and Europe tomorrow. Well, I say visible…apparently everywhere BUT HERE! Darn cloud cover has rolled in and is completely blocking the moon. We were all set to let Boy stay up late and watch the eclipse, […]

What’s in the soap pot today?

There has been a huge run on Wake Up! in the last couple of days. I’m almost out of stock, so today I’m making it and dewberry. I’ve had to bump the new Lavender Gardens soap down the production line by a day. Wake up is a coconut castille soap with pink grapefruit, lime, lemon, […]

Tarts for Tots…ok I made the Tots part up

Today, while I’m finishing the house prep for the party tomorrow, I decided to whip up a big ol batch of wax tarts. I just got in five pounds of soy wax from a company that I’m source testing. Thus far, the wax has been really easy to use, variable temperature capable, and has a […]

“Grouply” service and the Yahoo Groups nightmare

Really, there are people who will give their passwords to some random site? Really? You’d think everyone would know better than that, but I guess not. Here’s the warnings I’ve gotten from a couple of different Yahoo Groups moderators. (They didn’t all send the same thing, I just picked the best written one.) You may […]