Tarts for Tots…ok I made the Tots part up

Today, while I’m finishing the house prep for the party tomorrow, I decided to whip up a big ol batch of wax tarts. I just got in five pounds of soy wax from a company that I’m source testing. Thus far, the wax has been really easy to use, variable temperature capable, and has a good clean melt. I’m not sure about scent retention. It seems to be losing scent faster than beeswax does, but that may be because I did a green tea, orange essential and clove essential blend, and all of those oils have a flashpoint that may be lower than the burner temp on my warmer. I suppose I should go stick a thermometer in the warmer and see how hot stuff is getting. I’ll also need to make a beeswax for comparison.

But, either way, I’m getting much closer to the tarts going live soon. Which is…Yay! Tons o’ people have been asking for candles or tarts, and since my liability insurance won’t cover candles…tarts it is.

If this soy wax works, then I’m almost good to go. I really like the company, so I’d be pretty happy to source through them. So…if the tarts I made today work for the party tomorrow, I can probably put aromatherapy tarts into production in the next two weeks. . Hooray!

In party news; I finally settled on a menu that worked around everyone’s allergies, dislikes and phobias. I’ll be making vegetarian pesto lasagna, Italian sausage (on the side), bruchetta and an Italian salad and the piece d’ resistance; puff pastry with a creme anglaise/chantilly topping, with a raspberry reduction and pomegranate and blueberry caviar. (I’ll have to get pictures, I think it’s going to be pure gorgeousness.)

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