Moon, moon, moon. Moon? Hello….Moon?

Tonight is a full lunar eclipse, visible in most of North and South America today and most of Africa and Europe tomorrow.

Well, I say visible…apparently everywhere BUT HERE! Darn cloud cover has rolled in and is completely blocking the moon. We were all set to let Boy stay up late and watch the eclipse, I have quilts for sitting outside, made sure cushions were dry, prepped the ingredients for hot cocoa (real hot cocoa too…none of that weird high fructose corn syrup chocolate flavored ickyness), had popcorn bowls down and ready….

But no. Denied. The eclipse starts in 15 minutes, and I can’t see anything in the sky but the reflections of Dallas light pollution from 30 miles away. So sad. There won’t be another full eclipse until 2010.

I think I’ll make the cocoa anyway. If we can’t have a dragon eating the moon, at least we’ll have chocolate. Sniff.

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