What in the hell was I thinking?

Ok, next time I say I’m going to do some major plumbing thing, I want someone, somewhere to tie me to something until the urge passes.

Jebus onna stick. I’ve got my entire kitchen in total disarray, I’ve smacked my head so hard on the garbage disposal twice that I saw stars and raised a lump, and I still can’t get this damned last bolt off so that I can remove the old faucet.

I’ve got the connectors undone, I’ve drained the lines, I’ve got the new faucet ready to go…but when the builders put this faucet in, they obviously did it *before* they installed the sink, because there is no way to get to this bolt short of removing the entire sink. Or at least I haven’t found one.

Grrrr. Now mind you, I’ve done plumbing, I know how to do plumbing, heck I can weld pipes if I need to. I have pipe cutters and welding torches and I’m not afraid to use them. It’s not like I’m a total amateur at this….but this bolt is driving me crazy!

And I’ve broken 9 nails in the process. So, that’s annoying.

I can’t even imagine the nightmare of trying to remove the sink. I don’t have the tools to take it out or put it back in and even if I did, it wouldn’t be right, I just know it. Plus I’d have to uninstall the disposal, turn off the water to the house, disconnect major pipe lines…it’s just a nightmare to consider.

There has to be a way to take off this bolt, there has to be.

Of course, I may be certifiably insane before I figure it out.

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