Monthly Archives: March 2008

GoDaddy SUCKS!

Goddammit. I searched for a domain on godaddy, and was going to register it, and they registered it out from under me, and now want 400 for it. GoDaddy fucking sucks!

I can haz Redmond infos pleez?

Who knows anything about Redmond? Share? (Yes, I know Microsoft is there, that’s why I’m asking.) Cost of living analysis and whatnot I can pull up, but it’s hard to know how that number is skewed by housing costs, and what have you. So, tell me of taxes, good neighborhoods, schools, preponderance of cool people, […]

And now, for the bouncy bounce

Boy and I just got back from our field trip to see Aeros, a sort of gymnastics theater experience. Because this performance was for children, they took some of the content out, but even so, it was pretty darned amazing. And the tickets were only $5.00, so Yay! Funniest moment: The male gymnasts, who were […]

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Remember a few days ago it was snowing here at the duckpond? Well…now, it’s flooding. See those black lines in the back? That’s my fence. Theoretically, the fish are supposed to be on the other side. And the weather report says we can expect a lot more rain. We’ve still got a ways to go […]

Tuning up the professional social networks

So…strange series of events here at casa duckpond. Many things in the works. Waters not still, but feathers not ruffled yet either. We are being zen, in the hopes that the waves will merely rock us gently and not become tsumani. In any case, I’m actively putting together lists in a couple of different industries, […]