Hell Freezes Over…or…It’s Snowing in Dallas!

It was 80 degrees yesterday. We were all complaining that we hadn’t had a good freeze and so the bugs were going to be gawdawful this year.

Apparently the snow gods were listening, as it is a veritable blizzard out there. Ok, probably not by the standards of anyone who lives with snow on a regular basis…but by Texas standards…there’s snow on the cars, it’s a damn blizzard. ;)

We had to wake Boy up and take him outside into the snowfall. He was a baby the last time it snowed, and I was afraid it wouldn’t last until morning. At bedtime we’d told him that if it snowed “soon”, we’d come get him…and while two plus hours later isn’t really “soon”…still…SNOW! White stuff falling from the sky! Wow! (I grew up on the beach, doncha know…not much snow on the beach. Well, not the kind from the sky, anyway.)


march_snow08 003 | march_snow08 005

march_snow08 006 | march_snow08 002

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