And now, for the bouncy bounce

Boy and I just got back from our field trip to see Aeros, a sort of gymnastics theater experience. Because this performance was for children, they took some of the content out, but even so, it was pretty darned amazing. And the tickets were only $5.00, so Yay!

Funniest moment: The male gymnasts, who were mostly naked (yay!) did this really amazing routine. Behind me was sitting an entire girl scout troop. At the end of this routine, one of the little girls (I’d venture a guess at about age 12) was squirming in her chair. Her friend leaned over and said “What’s wrong?” and the squirmy girl said “I don’t know, I feel all tingly!”. It took every bit of my self control not to laugh out loud.

That said; SMU is a freaking nightmare of a campus to park on. Good god. It took me as long to find parking as it did to drive the 40 miles over there. Sheesh. We finally got directed to a pay to park garage, which is fine, but of course, it was the other side of the campus from where we needed to be. Naturally, Boy took this opportunity to smile at coeds and introduce himself to the pretty girls along the way. That boy….he’s gonna be dangerous in a few years. ;)

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