Dead in de water

My system has died a huge, fiery, OMG, blue screen of death. Thankfully, I paid for the “Come fix this beast” warranty. Of course Dell tried to pull the “Ok, we’ll get you a new system, it’ll take a month or so.” trick, to which I replied…”Oh…but no. You’ll have a tech here tomorrow, and he’ll have all the parts in his hands to completely rebuild this box from the heatsink up. Else, you’ll owe me 3 grand. Or…you could give me my money back. Whichever you want to do. But either way, a month…so out of the bounds of the contract as to be laughable.”

So, I’m waiting to hear from the tech. And I have to go get my braces tightened. So…a rough day here at the DuckPond. All of which is my way of saying that I’m for the most part, offline for now. I’ve fired up the ancient Alienware, but bless it’s heart, it dates back to the Jurrassic, so there’s no telling how long its loyal heart will beat. (I love this ancient beast. It looks like an alien head. Hee!)

So, if you need me, for the first time in a decade the phone is probably the best way to reach me for the next day or two. Because, based on the fact that in the 2 hours I was on the phone with Dell, the guy couldn’t get my name right, despite being corrected 11 times (seriously DeAnne…not a tough name.), and then he passed the wrong address to the 3rd party contractor that services the Dell contracts….I don’t have huge amounts of faith that the right parts were shipped, and don’t know that the workhorse system will be back online by the end of the week.

Sigh. You know, a whole lot of these problems could be avoided if Dell weren’t outsourcing their support to countries on the other side of the damn globe.

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