How I got scammed

Even those of us who are wise in years, and experienced business operators get scammed.  It’s way more embarrassing, because by dint of graying temples and crone stick of wizened wisdom, we expect ourselves to be smarter than that.  But draw your chairs closer children, and I’ll tell you the sad story of how I let myself get taken.

Patricia Belgrave sent out emails to a targeted list of mid-scale soap manufacturers offering to let us buy out the remainder of her warehouse because she was closing shop in September.  Because the message purportedly came from within the soapers community, I didn’t do the due diligence I usually take when sourcing a vendor.

Lesson learned: Always do due diligence on your supply chain.  Never buy anything to do someone a “favor”.

After a month of placing an order, and paying their PayPal invoice, I still hadn’t received any product.  I emailed them, and the mail bounced.  I emailed their paypal email address, and asked for either tracking information or a refund, and there was no response.  I called their phone number which had been disconnected.


I filed a dispute with PayPal, which was eventually decided in my favor.  Unfortunately, PayPal won’t reimburse you for claims if the company has emptied the paypal account, which this person did long before any of us with claims got through the mandatory claim time.

Lesson Learned: PayPal is not as safe as Visa or Mastercard, both of which would have reversed the charges. PayPal says “Yeah, sorry to hear that. Sucks to be you.” I need to find a new payment processor for the SoapyHollow shopping cart.

So, to save other from suffering the same sort of loss, and the embarrassment of getting scammed, I give you all of the information on these folks that I can find.

Doing business as; Wholesalershub

Also doing business as: EssentialsbyShishas

Also doing business as:: The Upper Room Bath & Body Basics

(Addresses, emails, phone numbers after the cut.)
PO Box 5003
Brookfield, Connecticut 06804

Patricia A Hosten; dba Patricia Belgrave
5 Carlton Street
Danbury, CT 06811 US

Other email aliases:


For the record, yes I have filed a complaint with the FTC and the CT Attorney General. Mail/Wire fraud is a big no-no, and the law does not take kindly to people who commit felonies.

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