Testing, 123

Well, trying multiple themes and reinstalling has not fixed the problem. I think it’s possible my database is corrupted, and I may have to delete it and start all over. Hopefully, the WP export works and I’ll be able to restore all the content easily.

I dunno. Comments now seem to be broken, the more tag is broken, the navigation is hosed…I can’t figure out what went wrong on this site, but went flawlessly on my test server, which is also a live install. The only difference is that my test server is a linux box and this server…I think…is a MS server because of the legacy code in my shopping cart.

So, stay tuned, I think I may have to delete the database and site and start all over, which would really suck, but I’m not sure what else to try at this point.

Off to search the support forums.

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