I am woman, hear me roar

Boy and I headed out this morning in a quest for tile and other building supplies. And we found them! Whee! It’s not exactly what I would have chosen, were money and time no object, but it’s gorgeous Italian tile. However, moving 9 cases of tile may have been a bad, bad idea.

We went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore…the prices were amazing, and the selection was better than Lowes. I got all the tile, plus grout, plus spacers and incidentals like sponges to clean up grout, and two 5’x7′ rugs for under $300. As my mother would say, “What a bargain!”.

Plus, at the Goodwill store next door, I found shorts overalls…in black! I are American Gothic, no? ;)

I’ve just finished taking out the baseboards and pulling all the concrete nails out of the tiny water closet potty room. Then I filled the holes and did the first layer of leveling and floating the floor. Tomorrow I’ll go buy a tile saw, since I can’t find mine, and I’ll probably blue line/chalk the layout I have in mind, if the floor is level enough without having to do another layer of float.

I’m hot, and sweaty and tired. Feels pretty good, actually. :)

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