Monthly Archives: August 2008

Lust, Lustily, Lusties!

Dig my sister’s band. (Well, sister once removed…whatever the lineage issues;) Edie Lustie is the grooviest thing, and here’s a video to prove it. Check out their MySpace Page for lots cuts from their new album. The new CD kicks much ass. Rock on, lustily.

Joe Biden? Really?

The NY Times has confirmed that Obama has chosen Delaware’s 65-year-old Senator Joe Biden as the presumptive nominee’s Vice Presidential running mate. Touted as reasons to put him on the ticket are his decades of foreign policy experience (including a recent stint in war-torn Georgia), and as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. […]

Igor gets book learnin’

So, you may have noticed a tiny decrease in content this week. It’s because Igor starts school next week. Were he going into the local school district, he’d be starting kindergarten. He tested in the top 1% to get into the gifted and talented academy, but it’s a long way away, they’re still doing stuff […]

Great book

I’ve just finished reading The Court of the Air by Stephen Hunt. It’s a brilliantly fast 600 pages. It’s science fiction…I guess? The lines delineating how things like this are classified are fairly blurry. It’s got sci fi elements, and adventure elements, and buddy story elements, and gods and self creating steam driven metal entities, […]

HOA’s gone wild

Anyone who has purchased a house in the last 10 years of so has see what monsters Home Owner’s Associations have become. It’s especially egregious in Texas, where the State Representatives gave HOAs the power to take your home. They are no elections when it comes to management teams, and there is no arguing or […]