Igor’s Squirmy Wormy Pie

Igor’s Squirmy Wormy Pie

It’s not easy being an Igor.  There’s all the lurching, and being woken
at every thunderstorm to throw the Big Switch, and being  fitted for a hump
can take days.  But there are advantages.  A damp basement to call
your own, (with fresh straw twice a year if you’re good), and all the worms you
can eat.  This is my Igor’s favorite way to eat worms.  He’s
especially fond of making it himself. 


  • 16 Oreo cookies
  • 3 cups chocolate pudding. (You can make it from the box variety, but for
    this, we used double dutch chocolate pudding from the local dairy, because
    while the cake may be a lie, I can have pie in 10 minutes.) You can also do this with a ganache…but
  • Assorted gummy worms


  • Chef’s knife and cutting board if you want to cut the cookies first
  • Spreader or silicon spatula
  • Pie pan
  • Mallet of some denomination (we used a meat tenderizer)
  • Paper bag


Step One:

Cut your 16 Oreo cookies.  This makes it easier to smash them into crumb
size bits. 

 mudpie 002


Step Two: 

Put cut cookies into a paper bag.  Whack paper bag with mallet until
crumbs are achieved.

mudpie 007


Step Three:

Put crushed crumbs in the bottom of a 9" pie pan. Press down lightly,
but don’t expect them to stick together like a real pie crust.  Spread
pudding on top of cookie crumbs.  The best way is to do big dollops and
sort of smooth the top together, else you’ll end up incorporating all the crumbs
through the pudding.  (Which is ok too. It’s mud pie after all.)

mudpie 008


Step Four

Add worms.  Squish some into the pudding so they look like they’re
crawling out.  Voila: Mud Pie in under 10 minutes.

mudpie 014

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