Joe Biden? Really?

The NY Times has confirmed that Obama has chosen Delaware’s 65-year-old Senator Joe Biden as the presumptive nominee’s Vice Presidential running mate.

Touted as reasons to put him on the ticket are his decades of foreign policy experience (including a recent stint in war-torn Georgia), and as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Now, I’m not even going to get into the “crusty old white establishment dude is hardly CHANGE” issues with this nomination. But let us remember that this is the same Senator who has voted for the war in Iraq over and over and over again, while decrying it as a travesty the whole time. If he was so against it, why didn’t he vote to withhold funding?

He sponsored the RAVE Act. When it wouldn’t pass debate, he attached it as a rider to the AMBER Alert bill, so that it was passed without debate or public discussion. He voted for the new bankruptcy laws which favor usurious interest rate corporations over people suffering financial distress. He voted for No Child Left Behind.

Has he done some good stuff in the Senate? Absolutely. Here’s what On The Issues has recorded.

In any other campaign, Biden would have been a fabulous selection. But this campaign? It’s pretty hard to claim Biden is an agent of change. But then Obama has already started failing the constituents that brought him to the light. Pandering to the religious right…like they’re ever going to vote for a black man, voting for FISA, skipping votes so he doesn’t have to defend them.

I have to tell you, I’m disillusioned. Biden pulls the curtain off the Obama of Oz machine, and shows that it’s just the same old cantankerous men running the machine just like they’ve always done.

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