McCain’s Pathological Lying Creating a Cottage Industry

John Cole of Balloon Juice has some great stuff to say about the election and the lying liars who are trying to steal it. Here’s an example.

Apparently some crazy people at the DNC have decided to attempt the herculean endeavor of counting and chronicling all of the lies coming from the McCain campaign. I have no idea how they have time to sleep, but here is what they have so far. They might want to head over to Think Progress, where we learn that even Fox news reporters are calling the McCain campaign liars.

For his part, Andrew Sullivan is chronicling the lies of Sarah Palin, with three initial installments: the lie about firing Monegan, the lie about the Bridge to Nowhere, and the lie about firing the librarian and the police chief.

Maybe this is the McCain campaigns unemployment solution- lie so much that an army of fact checkers is needed to keep up with all the bullshit.

*** Update ***

Sullivan already has two more- the lie about the Endangered Species is #4, and #5 is the Pipeline.

What is so crazy about all this is that we are not dealing with differences of opinion, or spin, or things in which there is some nuance and people can disagree. These are just plain, simple, outright lies.

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