Tent City, USA

Across the American country, tent cities are rising everywhere. From California, where foreclosures are taking over 60,000 homes per month, to Vegas, where hungry children sleep in the glittered dust of the wealthy, to St. Petersburg, Florida where the cops are destroying the tents of the homeless to make them leave the city, to the suburbs, homelessness, hunger, and poverty are on the rise. The government’s response? Change how “homeless” is defined, so that the numbers appear to be decreasing at the same time that tents are springing up all over the country.

This is a tragedy of epic proportions, and figuring out how to help can be overwhelming. What can you do?

Donate to a local shelter.
Donate to a food bank. Volunteer at a local charity. Build a house.

And always remember, that there but for the grace of something, go you. Treat the homeless with respect. Don’t just ignore the problem.

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