Monthly Archives: February 2009

New Instructable: Quick banana bread from scratch

Quick banana bread from scratch. Yum!

You have moved on, but the children of Gaza can’t

The demonstrating crowds have gone home. The blog postings have tapered off. The pundits have moved on. Congress is back to its old tricks, ignoring public opinion in favor of the lobbyists and money men. The US public is worried about losing its job or getting back the one it lost. Gaza here is a […]

New instructables up: How to make bath melts

I’ve just posted a new Instructables: Chocolate Bath Melts – The chocolate that’s good for your thighs. So, if you’ve ever wanted to make your own decadent chocolate bath melts, here’s step by step directions on how to do it!

Paging Mr. Dickens

When welfare benefits the rich, and starves the poor: Despite soaring unemployment and the worst economic crisis in decades, 18 states cut their welfare rolls last year, and nationally the number of people receiving cash assistance remained at or near the lowest in more than 40 years. The American tradition of guaranteeing cash assistance to […]