Monthly Archives: April 2009

Buttercream flowers look better before you smoosh them

So, today’s cake was an orange spice cake with buttercream roses and rosettes. The roses looked way better before I stupidly put the cake cover on the top without realizing that the cake was tall enough that the roses would hit the cover.  So…I had to sort of poof the roses up a little with […]

Why Romantics should not go to estate sales

So this morning, the Igors and I went out to see a park near us that we haven’t visited. And it was lovely, with some really neat areas to fish (for the Igors, I’ll pass on fishing, thx). On our way back, there was a tiny little sign for an estate sale, so I promptly […]

Truffle Instructable up

Want to make your own white chocolate pomegranate pistachio truffles? The instructable on how to make the truffles is up here, or you can download the PDF with all the instructions and pictures.

Bees Cake

So…my bears didn’t work out too well. My frosting wasn’t stiff enough, and they sort of drooped over and looked sad and gloppy. Well, who wants to eat a giant glob of frosting anyway? So. No bears. But, the marzipan bees are adorable. So, I just added flowers, and a shell border, and called it […]

Sweets I’ve made this week

So this week, I was practicing with star tips and pastry bags and I made a Curious George cake. (Because Igor loves both Curious George and cake.) I’ve also been experimenting with different truffle recipes, trying to decide which of them I may enter in a candy contest. This week; white chocolate, pistachio, and pomegranate […]