Sweets I’ve made this week

So this week, I was practicing with star tips and pastry bags and I made a Curious George cake. (Because Igor loves both Curious George and cake.)

george_cake 003

I’ve also been experimenting with different truffle recipes, trying to decide which of them I may enter in a candy contest.

This week; white chocolate, pistachio, and pomegranate cream centers. Some dipped in white chocolate, and some dipped in milk chocolate. White chocolate is significantly harder to work with as a dipping chocolate than I anticipated. I probably won’t be doing that again. But the cream center is amazingly good, and the milk chocolate enrobing I think gives a better flavor profile than the white chocolate anyway. I need to try it with a dark chocolate also. I think that may be really good.

pom_truffles 036

pom_truffles 032

I’m going to be doing an instructable on how to make these, with all the steps and the ingredients, because frankly, these are too good not to share. :)

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