Bees Cake

So…my bears didn’t work out too well. My frosting wasn’t stiff enough, and they sort of drooped over and looked sad and gloppy. Well, who wants to eat a giant glob of frosting anyway? So. No bears. But, the marzipan bees are adorable. So, I just added flowers, and a shell border, and called it done.

I give you: Bees Cake.

Bees Cake

1. bees_cake 003, 2. bees_cake 006, 3. bees_cake 009, 4. bees_cake 010, 5. bees_cake 008, 6. bees_cake 007

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

No, really…I give it to you. Please, come get the damn cake. :)

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