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So, I’ve been working on teaching myself how to bake different artisan breads without using any machines or complicated tools (other than the oven, naturally) …but today for a picnic, I just wanted some plain French baguettes. Which are so yummy. I figured as long as I was making them, I’d do an instructable on […]

How I was saved from iSmug, or How Apple Pissed Me Off

The ongoing saga where I have to replace my aging laptop… Chapter 3 – My brush with hipsters So…I almost drank the Apple Koolaid, and bought one of the new top end iMacs…with the Radeon 4850. But lo, I was saved from going to the smug side. (Or in Apple Terminology: iSmug.) I called the […]

The increasingly weird story of John Yettaw

So…he told the press he was a Vietnam vet. But, he also said he was 53. The last American troops left Saigon in 1973. That means, if he were there for the very end of the war, the evacuation of the diplomats, he could only have been 17 at the time. So…either he lied about […]

Aung San Suu Kyi entrapped by stupid American John Yettaw

Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese (Myanmar) activist and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, was arrested after her home was invaded by Vietnam War veteran and Mormon evangelist. John William Yettaw swam to her compound May 3 and was arrested two days later on his way back. Suu Kyi has spent 13 of the […]

duckling flotillas and other things in my garden

I promised pics of the duckling flotilla, the mockingbird nest, and to round out the 4×4 square, I threw some pics of KARED. (Killer Attack Rose of Evil Death) 1. mockingbird_nest 013, 2. mockingbird_nest 011, 3. mockingbird_nest 008, 4. duckling_flotilla 005, 5. duckling_flotilla 006, 6. duckling_flotilla 009, 7. duckling_flotilla 013, 8. duckling_flotilla 013, 9. duckling_flotilla […]