So, we had mockingbirds build a nest in the trumpet vines on our arbor.  Today, the eggs hatched, and we could hear the little “peep, peep!” of baby birds as the momma kept flying over there with various bits of bugs to feed them.

I got some pictures of momma, but the nest is about a foot taller than I am, so I don’t think I can get pictures of the babies without really upsetting the momma bird.  So far, she’s pretty much been ignoring us, even flying right over me to get to the nest,  but we’ve been really careful to not go near the nest.

Once my migraine subsides, I’ll try to get the pics off my camera and tweaked so I can share our mockingbird. :)

Also, the ducks have all hatched.  We’ve got a veritable gaggle of ducklings.  About 14 of them, swimming around the pond.  And it looks like our soldier birds (red-winged blackbirds) are nesting at the roots of the willow trees.  And the barn swallow fledglings are starting to appear from the honeysuckle.  Frankly, our yard is covered with birds.  It’s a carpet o’ bird.

The cats have taken to sitting on the baker’s rack in the kitchen, right by the window that looks out on a bird feeder.  They look like statues, except for the twitching of their tails and the occasional “maaaaap” sound.

Spring.  You know I love it.

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