The increasingly weird story of John Yettaw

So…he told the press he was a Vietnam vet. But, he also said he was 53. The last American troops left Saigon in 1973. That means, if he were there for the very end of the war, the evacuation of the diplomats, he could only have been 17 at the time. So…either he lied about his age to join the military and had the forged documents to go along with the story, or he’s lying about his age now, or he was never in Vietnam.

For the record, there are a lot of reports listing Yettaw’s name as being spelled “Yeattaw”, so I’ve added that tag as well. He also seems to have a mostly unused travel-blog under the name John7children, with just a few pictures of the Great Wall. Someone with that same name on ebay recently purchased a couple of cell phones without contracts, a camera phone that looks to be the same model that shot the pictures of himself wearing the flippers he used to get to Mrs. Kyi’s house, and a breathing trainer.

Oh…but wait…the story just keeps getting weirder:

Apparently, John and his first wife divorced, and he got custody of their 6 kids. He remarried, to a woman named Betty, but reportedly, Betty wouldn’t let the first wife’s kids live in her house, so those four kids, ranging in age from 17 to 10) lived in a trailer in the woods. John apparently just left the kids there alone when he went to Asia.

Very odd, indeed. (As a snarky aside, what sort of evil stepmother refuses to let the first wife’s kids live in her house? And what sort of man marries a woman who makes his kids live in a trailer in the woods? I mean, wtf?)

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