Catching up

So, because celebrity deaths seem to come in threes…we lost Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson in a matter of days this week. As tragic to their families as the loss is, I wasn’t really moved by the deaths of Ed or Farrah, but I was surprisingly saddened by the death of Michael Jackson.

Maybe it’s because I’m old enough to remember the Jackson 5. Maybe it’s because I remember when Elizabeth Taylor crowned him as the King of Pop. Maybe it’s because as a little, little girl when I saw the preteen MJ giving an interview, I turned to my mom and said “He’s not very happy, is he, Mommy?”, and my mom said “Genius can be a lonely part to play.”, and I never forgot that. I didn’t forget it when he started getting plastic surgery so his dad would quit calling him “Big Nose”. I didn’t forget it when I heard about the horrific childhood imposed by parents that used their children as a gravy train. I didn’t forget it when I saw him try to capture those magical moments of childhood that most of the rest of us had naturally. His was a tragic, almost Shakespearean life of absolute peaks and utter valleys in the landscape of absolute genius.

I weep for Michael because he gave so much, and the very least he deserves is a few moments of quiet grief.

Also, Jordan Chandler, the kid who started the whole “MJ touched me in my dirty places” lawsuit, the one that was settled for millions? Yeah…reportedly, he lied, and now admits that he lied just to get the cash. (The linked story now appears to have been a hoax.  I’ve removed the link.)

In happier news, I got my braces off! Yay! As soon as my teeth stop hurting, I’m going to eat some almonds and some corn on the cob…yes, yes I am.

Hope reality is groovy for all of y’all.

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