The Quittah from Wassilla or “Find The Conspiracy”

So Sarah Palin resigned from her first term as Governor. Nobody knows why she would do something this insane…but, ya know, it is Sarah we’re talking about here. You betcha.

Regarding the initial Palin speech, Sean Cockerham, of the Anchorage Daily News, wrote a concise article that put a lot of the rambling nonsense into context, in that what had previously seemed like Jabberwocky levels of street-rat crazy, now just seemed like normal Sarah Palin street-rat crazy.

So, the fun part begins! Get your tin foil hats on kids, it’s time to “Find The Conspiracy”.

Has anyone noticed all the press that John Coale is getting out of all of this…and how almost none of it mentions that he’s a muckity muck in Scientology?

Ok, so…here’s my new theory:

Scientology uses their incredibly well honed psyops to convince her that she’s under attack from opponents she can’t possibly defeat on her own. But..CoS can help her, they tell her. All she needs to do is spend a few weeks in a resort…say in Clearwater, Florida…and they’ll get her feeling back up to par, and then, they’ll help her get ready to run for the presidential election.

They turn her into the same unstoppable android force that is Tom Cruise. She gets polished up, trained on how to think before speaking, and using the cash and people of the CoS, she rockets to the top of the Republican charts. She’ll explain away the CoS as being “not at all opposed to our true faith beliefs in blah, blah, blah” and she’ll be believed by the ones who want to believe, and accepted by those who would do anything to get the “nigger out of the white house”.

I’m telling you, if the economy doesn’t get better, if more Americans go homeless and hungry, if old people start dying because they can’t get medicines, if the cost of foods rise and the buying power of wages continue to go in opposite directions…if people are hungry, and hot, and angry, and poor…Scientology Sarah Palin would wipe the floor with any candidate facing her.

So…there’s your scary thought for the day.

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