Monthly Archives: August 2009

Fresh Pea, Mint, Leek soup with Crème Fraîche

This is a fantastic summer soup. It’s one of the rare soups that good served hot or cold. While cold soups have never made much inroad in American cuisine, it’s a worthwhile experiment during the dog days of summer. Ingredients and directions behind the cut.

Make your own hand sanitizer

With flu season coming, and H1N1 on the horizon, now is the time for hand washing and sanitizing. But sanitizers often leave your hands chapped and dry. Plus, they smell icky. But you can make your own, and modify the scent to please your own personal scent palate. This is an easy, non-emulsified sanitizer: Blend […]

Cooking experiments

Today’s bread experiment will be mini-baguettes.  I’ll also be making a fresh pea, garden mint and leek soup.  I’m crossing my fingers that the flavor profile will do what I expect it to do.  I’ll be using the baguettes to make a montrachet and roasted red bell pepper and basil sandwiches to go with the […]

Poverty in America

Barbara Ehrenreich, the author of Nickel and Dimed, has for the past two months been writing a series of opinion essays in the New York Times that discuss poverty, both new and entrenched. The pieces, so far, are “Too Poor to Make the News,” “A Homespun Safety Net,” and “Is It Now A Crime to […]

Boo on Lego!

Lego Says No to Spinal Tap. (NYT link). Lego has told Spinal Tap they cannot show a fan-created Lego film in their upcoming Unwigged and Unplugged DVD.