Vegetarian experiments

Working on vegetarian recipes in anticipation of a visit from one of my dearest friends.

I think I’m going to try Montrachet/basil tarts with fresh figs and zucchini pasta with broiled tomatoes from the garden.  I was going to make a zucchini tart, but I think it’s just too busy to put all that stuff in the little teeny tart cups I’m going to make.

I’m going to use phyllo dough; each sheet cut into 6, then layered in three sheets in muffin tins as the base for the tarts, rather than pie crust.  Phyllo has such a nice texture, that I think it will add something to the recipe.

Update:  Phyllo dough…it’s such a pain in the ass once you try cutting it.  It really is.  It’s fine for stuff like baklava or spanakopita, where you’re using big pieces, but good god, what a pain when you’re trying to do little bits.  For me; way more work than it’s worth.

Next time, I’ll just whip out a quick pie crust recipe. Pie crusts are simple, quick and painless, and everyone loves a good flaky pie crust.  The tort recipe I tried was good, but more quiche than tort.  So, the drawing board on these recipes remains open.

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