Monthly Archives: December 2009

Memories of Mieville – The Lost Railroad

Not too long ago I read Iron Council by China Mieville…which resonated with me in ways I’m still having trouble reconciling. So, when I was sent these images from Russian motorcyclists (at Lost Biker Ru) touring through Northern Siberia, who came across the Lost Railroad, one of Stalin’s Follies; I had to share. We’ve recently […]

Insurance Bailout, welcome to slavery

Those of you who read me or know me, know that I’m so far left as to almost be a socialist…but this “health care” bill has to be defeated…as much as I hate to suggest siding with the loonies and the birthers and the teabaggers. This bill will cost most consumers another 27% of their […]

Easy to make natural sanitizers

Earlier I posted a formula for a quickie hand sanitizer, but a couple of folks have mentioned that they’re not too hip on the smell, or they would prefer a “spicier” or “fruity” note rather than a minty note.  So, here’s a couple more formulas to keep you safe and sanitized during the cold and […]

Crosses fingers

I’m about to start baking a doghouse cake (carrot cake with cream cheese icing…which should make decorating all kinds of fun), and make chocolate dog and bone for Igor’s birthday. And like any impossible task, I have to try and get the whole thing done before he gets out of school. I’m apparently quite insane.