Monthly Archives: March 2010

Thoughts on the HCR bill

New Economic Perspectives has a critique of what’s wrong with this “reform” – it solidifies the central position of the ridiculously inefficient private insurers: Very briefly, the most significant outcome of this legislation is the windfall gain for insurance companies—who will be able to tap the wages of the huge pool of nearly 50 million […]

Spring Break – all you people get off my culture!

Yesterday Boy and I went to the Ft. Worth Science Museum.  Which appears to be a lot cooler than the Dallas one, but holy mother of all that is sciencey, it was ridiculously crowded.  It took two hours to get there because of freeway traffic. We had to park a half a mile a way, […]

Learning metal sculpture

So, I was looking around for sculpture classes, figuring that my little fondant critters and things that go on cakes would be a lot better if I had at least *some* foundation in sculpture…but along the way, I got distracted.  As I do.  The Creative Arts Center Of Dallas was offering a ton of art […]