Learning metal sculpture

So, I was looking around for sculpture classes, figuring that my little fondant critters and things that go on cakes would be a lot better if I had at least *some* foundation in sculpture…but along the way, I got distracted.  As I do.  The Creative Arts Center Of Dallas was offering a ton of art type classes, and amongst them was metal sculpture.


I’ve always wanted to do metal sculpture, but have never before found a class for it.  The local junior college had a class, but every time I’ve signed up for it, it’s been canceled.

So, week one was mostly a “how not to kill yourself, or other people” intro of the various equipment in the studio.

I also had an adventure going into local steel and scrap yards in quest of things to turn into art.  Note to self: perhaps the middle of a lightening storm is NOT the best time to be standing in a junkyard with 30 foot towers of aluminum on every side…just saying.

This week I got to play with cutting torches and grinders.  It’s so great.  Love it.  Interestingly, the bit of steel that I was using to learn the torch, got super groovy looking as I was practicing, and I think it may be my first actual bit of metal art.

Next week we do welding and plasma cutters.  I’ve started sketching out designs on the metal that I’ve purchased for my piece.  I need to get pics.

Now, if only I could find a comfy pair of steel toed boots, I think my happiness with my latest obsession would be complete.

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