Spring Break – all you people get off my culture!

Yesterday Boy and I went to the Ft. Worth Science Museum.  Which appears to be a lot cooler than the Dallas one, but holy mother of all that is sciencey, it was ridiculously crowded.  It took two hours to get there because of freeway traffic. We had to park a half a mile a way, at least, there was a 30 minute line to get in, 20 minute lines for each of the exhibits…hundreds and hundreds of people. It was crowded and probably germ filled.

We left our house at 9:30 am, it was almost 1pm before we saw an exhibit.  And we never did get to see the ones Boy really wanted to see because the lines were 45 minutes long, and neither of us wanted to spend an hour in line to then be crowded out in a matter of minutes.

My opinion is that the museum should do the same thing the zoo does, and stop admitting people when it gets too crowded.  Also, fucking strollers should be banned.  Not all of them, but those  horrible Range Rover sized monstrosities.  There’s no reason to allow those inside places like a museum where people are trying to walk.

And I swear to god, people who cannot control their children should be horsewhipped.  It’s your damn fault if your children can’t behave, and if you won’t punish them, then we should be allowed to punish you.  There was one stupid cow just allowing her kid to pick up BIG stones from the outdoor fountain and lob them as hard as he could at the windows.  “Oh, Duddems,” she’d say simperingly “Now you be good.”  It wasn’t until he lobbed a rock so hard that it bounced off a window and hit a baby girl in the head, and another parent threatened them both with death that she took him away to terrorize another part of the museum. Honestly, drowning both her and Duddems seems like good policy.

My point is this: I’m not good with crowds.  I start getting all misanthropic and planning the downfall of large segments of the population that are in my way RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

Note to Self: Spring Break is no time to go to museums, or possibly anywhere else that isn’t the woods. Good lord.

On the upside: we didn’t go to Six Flags, which had been my original plan.  I can only imagine how hostile I would have been had I been inside with the crowd visible from I30 as we passed it.

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