Writer’s Throwdown: Run, Rabbit, Run!

So, here are the rules of engagement for the GWJ August Throwdown: Basically, the whole story had to be told in dialogue, with no scene or character direction that wasn’t part of the conversation.  Thus, I give you

Run, Rabbit, Run!


Brian: Hey.

Paul: Hey.

Brian: Whatcha in for?

Paul: Kicking a box.

Brian: Well, that doesn’t seem so bad.

Paul: Yeah. Except it startled the bunny.

Brian: You kicked a box with a bunny? You’re a bunny kicker?

Paul: No! I would never kick a box with a bunny. Amanda was holding the bunny. But I kicked the box, and the noise made the bunny jump. Then it hopped into the hall.

Brian: So you followed it?

Paul: Me, and everyone else. I think there were even kids from other classes. Everybody was going down the hall calling to the bunny, who hopped into the cafeteria.

Brian: No doubt trying to escape the horde. Then what?

Paul: You know that stuff the cafeteria ladies make that looks a lot like chili, but it never is? It. Never. Is?

Brian: Indeed. It is the glop of legends. What about it?

Paul: So, Mrs. Gemmata was stirring a cauldron of the stuff, when she started screaming about giant rats and climbed up on a counter. Only, when she climbed up, she moved faster than her hair, which fell in the pot. So she was fishing around, trying to get her wig out, and the weird part? The chili was fighting back.

Brian: There are some dark secrets which man is not meant to know. Mrs. Gemmata’s chili is one of them. Go on.

Paul: Meanwhile, Amanda and the rest of the kids were running all over the kitchen looking for the bunny. And one of them found a big barrel of flour and suggested that if they put flour all over the floor, then they could see the bunny tracks and know where the bunny was.

Brian: Well, that’s an interesting methodology, I’ll grant you.

Paul: Anyway, it didn’t take long for everybody to start throwing flour at each other. Which wouldn’t have been so bad, except that when Mrs. Gemmata pulled her wig out of the chili’s grasp, it flew out of her hands and wrapped around the smoke alarm, which made it go all sparky. Henry saw the sparks and thought the flour dust was going to explode, so he grabbed a fire extinguisher and started spraying.

Brian: Oh, no. So, then what?

Paul: I’m not sure, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t really see much. Then, Miss Ester marched me to the office at eraser point and told me to sit here and wait to see the principal.

Brian: I see. So, how is it that you escaped the damp and foamy fate of your compatriots?

Paul: Oh, I stepped out of the kitchen as soon as I rescued the bunny. He’d been trapped by a puddle of chili.

Brian: If you had the bunny, why didn’t you stop everyone before your cafeteria was turned into a slip-n-slide and your lunch lady was dethatched by her chili?


Paul: .


Paul: ..


Paul: …


Paul: Mom? Are you sure he’s my real dad?

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