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I wasn’t high! Ok, I probably was, but I wasn’t as high as I thought I was!

So, 20 years ago, I saw this commercial. And for years, I just assumed I had been really, really, REALLY high, and imagined the whole thing. Or that I’d gotten an SNL sketch confused with a commercial…but no; PUNK! was real. With even more Yeah! Girl and Neanderthal Hippie than I remembered…

XKCD says it best

Red Moon Rising

Last night, I walked outside to see the most amazing red moon rising over the cloudscape. I didn’t think I’d have time to find a tripod before it got out of the dust zone or whatever was making it so red, so I shot a bunch of pictures free-hand in the hopes that some would […]

EA’s new business plan…selling user’s data to the highest bidder

I’m one of those weird people that read EULAs, and have refused to install some software based on the rights asserted in them. EA has been on my “Egregious Violators” list since the whole Spore Debacle, but their newly launched downloader, Origins, takes privacy concerns to a whole new level. Origins is required to play […]

An open letter to the city council of Rowlett

So, the Mayor of Rowlett, John Harper, just resigned under fire from damn near everybody.  He resigned because he said the citizens were just too stupid to let him “govern” them.  It’s just a final example of the level of arrogance and “action before thought”  Mr. Harper brought to city council meetings. But, Ol’ John […]