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Writer’s Throwdown: Two Birds, One Stone

This Writer’s Throwdown Challenge was to take a strange old photograph, and write a story about it. I give you:   Two Birds, One Stone By DeAnne D.     It was raining; the kind of rain that you’d hope would just clean the filth right off the streets. I stopped off at Charlie’s and […]

I wasn’t high! Ok, I probably was, but I wasn’t as high as I thought I was!

So, 20 years ago, I saw this commercial. And for years, I just assumed I had been really, really, REALLY high, and imagined the whole thing. Or that I’d gotten an SNL sketch confused with a commercial…but no; PUNK! was real. With even more Yeah! Girl and Neanderthal Hippie than I remembered…

Writer’s Throwdown: Run, Rabbit, Run!

So, here are the rules of engagement for the GWJ August Throwdown: Basically, the whole story had to be told in dialogue, with no scene or character direction that wasn’t part of the conversation.  Thus, I give you Run, Rabbit, Run!   Brian: Hey. Paul: Hey. Brian: Whatcha in for? Paul: Kicking a box. Brian: […]

XKCD says it best

Matilda Klein dances at 94

This is the most wonderful thing. May we all spend our lives dancing. Via Metafilter