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Writer’s Throwdown: Two Birds, One Stone

This Writer’s Throwdown Challenge was to take a strange old photograph, and write a story about it. I give you:   Two Birds, One Stone By DeAnne D.     It was raining; the kind of rain that you’d hope would just clean the filth right off the streets. I stopped off at Charlie’s and […]

Writer’s Throwdown: Enchanted

This one didn’t end up being a complete story, instead I think I’ve stumbled into a new universe and this may end up being an entire book. Or, it could go nowhere.  I’m not really sure.  The characters seem to be driving this one. Also, I took liberties with the challenge requirements. Because I’m like […]

Writer’s Throwdown: Run, Rabbit, Run!

So, here are the rules of engagement for the GWJ August Throwdown: Basically, the whole story had to be told in dialogue, with no scene or character direction that wasn’t part of the conversation.  Thus, I give you Run, Rabbit, Run!   Brian: Hey. Paul: Hey. Brian: Whatcha in for? Paul: Kicking a box. Brian: […]

Writer’s Throwdown – Rip Steel: Charity Starts at Home

A group of folks over at Gamers with Jobs decided we wanted to try our hand at some writing workshop type challenges.  Here was the first one. Each writer had to pick at least 8 of 10 terms to include in their story.  The terms were: simulation, nude, charity, monster, costume, games, warrior, “big rats”, […]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Strangers in the Gloam

Chuck Wendig over at issues Flash Fiction Challenges, where the goal is to take a series of words or phrases and create a short story under 1000 words using the words and/or the ideas expressed by the words. This week the words were: Figure, Dusk, Flirt, Mobile Phone, and Wig. Given those parameters, I […]