XKCD says it best

Writer’s Throwdown – Rip Steel: Charity Starts at Home

A group of folks over at Gamers with Jobs decided we wanted to try our hand at some writing workshop type challenges.  Here was the first one. Each writer had to pick at least 8 of 10 terms to include in their story.  The terms were: simulation, nude, charity, monster, costume, games, warrior, “big rats”, […]

Red Moon Rising

Last night, I walked outside to see the most amazing red moon rising over the cloudscape. I didn’t think I’d have time to find a tripod before it got out of the dust zone or whatever was making it so red, so I shot a bunch of pictures free-hand in the hopes that some would […]

Matilda Klein dances at 94

This is the most wonderful thing. May we all spend our lives dancing. Via Metafilter

Caine’s Arcade

This is the sweetest thing, and has restored my faith in humanity.