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Writer’s Throwdown: Run, Rabbit, Run!

So, here are the rules of engagement for the GWJ August Throwdown: Basically, the whole story had to be told in dialogue, with no scene or character direction that wasn’t part of the conversation.  Thus, I give you Run, Rabbit, Run!   Brian: Hey. Paul: Hey. Brian: Whatcha in for? Paul: Kicking a box. Brian: […]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Strangers in the Gloam

Chuck Wendig over at http://www.terribleminds.com issues Flash Fiction Challenges, where the goal is to take a series of words or phrases and create a short story under 1000 words using the words and/or the ideas expressed by the words. This week the words were: Figure, Dusk, Flirt, Mobile Phone, and Wig. Given those parameters, I […]

Crosses fingers

I’m about to start baking a doghouse cake (carrot cake with cream cheese icing…which should make decorating all kinds of fun), and make chocolate dog and bone for Igor’s birthday. And like any impossible task, I have to try and get the whole thing done before he gets out of school. I’m apparently quite insane.

Kitty graffiti makes me happy

…a very long time ago, a calendar came into my possession, a kitten calendar. It was placed on my wall as it was so offensively sickly I found it funny. But then, the graffiti started. And one by one the kittens had things added… creating… kitti graffiti!

Funny Spam

So, I do periodically scan the titles of stuff in my spam box, to make sure that things don’t accidentally land there, as I have pretty strict filters. Usually, it’s just a quick scan, then delete, but today one caught my eye. It tweaked my brain enough to made me laugh out loud. It said: […]